If you own or operate a business, your insurance needs are many and complex. Liability, property and commercial auto insurance, as well as workers' compensation, are but a few of the considerations for a business. This page provides links for information on different kinds of business insurance, as well as a section on protecting your business from natural disaster.

Small Business Insurance Basics

Here's a guide to make sure your small business has the insurance protection needed.

Protecting Your Business from Disaster

Can your business survive a natural disaster? Here's a checklist to test your preparation.

Property Insurance

How can your business be damaged or destroyed? Insurers can recount the ways. Read a detailed explanation of property insurance.

Liability Insurance

Here's an explanation of liability insurance and why it is needed.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Does your business need EPLI? Take a look and see.

Commercial Auto Insurance

The vehicles used in your business need coverage just as your personal car does. Read about business vehicle insurance here.

Business Interruption Insurance

When your business can't open because of disaster, business interruption insurance steps in.

Home Businesses

Many home businesses are small and underinsured. Here's a look at insurance needs of a home business.

Specialty Business Insurance

For types of insurance beyond the basics, and for insurance coverage for specific kinds of businesses, please check here.

Workers' Compensation

General information about workers' compensation insurance may be found here.

Here is a link for information on South Carolina laws: SC Workers' Compensation Commission