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New law aims to help drive down auto-glass fraud

COLUMBIA, S.C. – February 19, 2013 – With many South Carolinians recently experiencing overly-aggressive sales tactics from some unscrupulous auto-glass repair companies in South Carolina, a new law has gone into effect to help protect consumers from “glass harvesting.”

“We’re hopeful that the new law will help reduce ‘glass harvesting’ and ‘windshield bullying’ in South Carolina,” said Russ Dubisky, executive director of the South Carolina Insurance News Service. “In addition to their unsolicited and aggressive sales pitches, glass harvesters can drive up the cost of insurance over time as they often increase claims and expenses for insurers.”

Insurance fraud is not a victimless crime. In fact, the Insurance Information Institute estimates that ten percent of the insurance industry’s losses and adjustment expenses can be attributed to fraud.

The law provides new guidelines and procedures that must be followed in the auto-glass repair process. In addition to mandating certain disclosures that reiterate a consumer’s choice when selecting a repair facility, the law includes several new anti-fraud measures, which makes violators guilty of unfair trade practices.

Public awareness is still the best defense against glass harvesters and costly insurance fraud.

The following tips can help protect consumers against windshield bullies:
• If you detect a chip or crack in your windshield, contact your insurance company or agent to begin the claims process.
• Beware of any company that emphasizes ways for you to get a free windshield – paid for by your insurance company, and pressures you to act right away.
• Most insurance policy language allows the right to inspect damage to a windshield before it can be replaced, so people should be cautious of offers to replace the windshield immediately, on the spot.

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