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Spring is here! Time to update your home inventory

Columbia, S.C. – April 28, 2015 – Spring has arrived, along with dust and pollen that sends us scurrying to clean up around the house. As you do your spring cleaning, the South Carolina Insurance News Service encourages consumers to use the opportunity to create or update their home inventories.

A home inventory is a list of all your personal possessions and their estimated value – all the things you would want to replace if your home was damaged or destroyed.

“Having an up-to-date home inventory is a great way to determine how much insurance you need to cover your home's contents, or other personal property” said Russ Dubisky, executive director of the S.C. Insurance News Service. “In the wake of a disaster, you can rely on your inventory to help remember and replace everything that was lost.”

The S.C. Insurance News Service offers the “Know Your Stuff – Home Inventory Software” free through the Insurance Information Institute. The software guides you through the process of listing possessions room by room, and the inventory is stored remotely on a secure server. Then, if your home suffers a loss, you will not have to rely on your home computer or notebook for the inventory. It is password-protected and can be accessed from any computer.

“Know Your Stuff” allows you to update your inventory at any time and has a feature that will send you updates that remind you about scheduled home maintenance chores.
It is good to keep a file of receipts for large purchases, but these can be recorded in your computerized list, while digital photos and video can be added to enhance the inventory.

When making a record of possessions, it is important to note expensive items such as jewelry, furs and collectibles since they may require additional insurance. It is also important to make note of more commonplace items such as toys, DVDs, clothing and even kitchen equipment and linens since the cost of replacing these items can really add up if you suffer a major disaster.

The South Carolina Insurance News Service advises homeowners to:
• Compile a list of serial numbers, model numbers, purchase prices and dates.
• Keep a file of sales receipts or appraisals (especially important for electronics, jewelry, artwork and other expensive items).
• Update your home inventory regularly, especially after a new purchase, and store the inventory somewhere safe, or keep an electronic version online.

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